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Millenium Auto Dealers was established in the year 2000 .Ever since we have been known to be efficient, reliable ,and honest with all business transactions.Seeing that thenew 2003 laws have been initiated on the 1st of May ,we have decided to deal differently in a way where both an indiviual importing his vehicle and we at M.A.D> can benefit.In the section below i will outline the arrangements.


1) Seeing that we have beenin business for a while and have a strong relationship with the Japanese exporters we will locate any vehicle chosen by the customer ,and get it at a low a cost as possible.

2)When located the customer does all financial transactions personally .

3)When the vehicle arrives we will be more than happy to have our broker and licensing officials deal with the clearance and registration of the vehicle .Who are both also known for their efficiency and reliabilty.

4)Before receipt of the vehicle our commission of must be covered.



.Check our photo page our comission has already been added to the cost

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We also have a car rental service.